13 December 2014

You don't really need a website

I was given a most horrible assignment of data entry. The task is basically to search up names of companies in Google. I could use my time more efficiently by using Sensis API and the likes but as it's not always possible I decided to look up the companies one by one.
And this is what I learned:
  1. All of these companies are unique, special and different. They all offer exceptional value and excellent service. They are all highly professional, experienced and have excellent customer service. 
  2. Other companies just have contact details in their website. Could you please make sure that it looks well? Maybe update the look of it once every ten years or so? 
  3. Small business owners don't always have a website. I know it sounds crazy, but you don't really need one if you don't have the time to manage it, or if your name isn't too generic. Just make sure that you can be found in Yellow pages and the professional listings. For example. Lawyer's listings or Accountant Listings, if you're a lawyer or an accountant. Artists and those who work with art can keep a Facebook page, it's also a good way to make sure that those who look for you can find you.
  4. If your name is generic ( or if you share it with someone else who is more famous then you) , then make sure that in LinkedIn your title includes your location as well as your profession. This way you're easily found without the hassle of maintaining a website. 
  5. If you do have a website, make sure that it is Mobile friendly.
Even if you prefer to say that you're not into being famous and increasing your workload, be aware that maybe an existing client would like to look you up (as they've lost their mobile or something like this). So having a clear listing is always important.
So you don't really need a website, just make sure that you can be easily found online.

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