22 September 2010

Has google docs lost their mind????

Goggle Docs is my favourite word processing application. Simple: I use it for all of my list of changes in the database. Whatever I need to do, I just type it in. I make sure nothing personal/confidential is in there, and I've found that this is the best way to log changes or to write notes to myself that I can access from home or from work.
Today I tried to create a new document for an article that I would like to write, and when I pressed "create new" there was only "from template". Well, I would like to use my beloved "empty document". Oops, you can't do that. Why? Why? Why? Will I have to give up Docs? Will I write my article with pen and paper? Will I be able to read my handwriting afterwords? And why can't I "give feedback"? That's very unlike the expected behavior from a Giant, is it?
I will let you know the answers, whenever I have them...

02 September 2010

String or binary data would be truncated

Scuffling with ‘String or binary data would be truncated’

While the above post was absolutely right about this problem, origins & solution, mine was a bit different:
The solution lay not in the table, but with the table audit. While the description column was defined as [varchar (30)] in the original table, in the Audit table it had to be settled with [Varchar (20)]. Obviously, it wasn't enough: you give the user room to write more in the description column, and they'll use it.

(Yes, of course I had to put the description in the audit table, as the definitions of what's being audit changes all the time)