30 December 2013

Don't buy Windows 8

A few months ago we decided that our home computer, the good old Windows XP, should retire. The PC isn't dead, it should just have some new RAM, and we format it, and removed all the data to external hard drive. And yet we felt yhe need to refresh after 8 years of hard service.
We thought that a Mac would be too expensive, and as both me and my partner are developers we did the obvious and bought a strong PC, Windows 8. What a mistake! What a waste of money! We have no issues with the vendor (hp), but we do have the following issues (could someone at Redmond please take a note?)

  1. Things are tiled. So where is everything? The tiles are mobile and keep on changing
  2. You're working on an application: typing, browsing, whatever... After all it's a computer, while all of a sudden it decides to restart. 
  3. We have 8 Giga Ram, 1 T hard drive, latest intel centrino, and the latest restart (because we were forced to upgrade to 8.1) lasts for an hour. Of course it decided to restart while we were watching a webinar.
Therefore, I would not recommend you to purchase a Windows computer. Try doors computer as they are better, and they do not restart without asking for permission first or getting stuck at 88% applying PC setting. It is not a computer to be used by your grandmother, or any person who gets easily frustrated.

This post was written on my iPad.

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