18 September 2011

MdxScript(DB) (8, 5) Parser: The syntax for ',' is incorrect

This problem appeared all of a sudden out of the blue in my Cube, while trying to calculate a new member. I usually create a calculated new member using the "Calculate" sub-tab in the toolbar of the "Cube" Tab in SSAS (2008 R2).
The Solution is to go to "Script View" in the toolbar and this is what I saw there:

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Calculated Member]
 AS ,
VISIBLE = 1  ;   

With a red squiggly line under the "AS ,", as it did need a name.
Deleting those messy rows helped, as well as re creating the Calculated Members that I've needed.
Apparently, I was trying to create a new "calculated member" more than once and one of them wasn't edited. As I had quite a few (more than 10) I didn't even notice.
So while using the SSAS MDX features knowing actually how to write MDX is a useful feature even for beginners such as myself.