22 September 2010

Has google docs lost their mind????

Goggle Docs is my favourite word processing application. Simple: I use it for all of my list of changes in the database. Whatever I need to do, I just type it in. I make sure nothing personal/confidential is in there, and I've found that this is the best way to log changes or to write notes to myself that I can access from home or from work.
Today I tried to create a new document for an article that I would like to write, and when I pressed "create new" there was only "from template". Well, I would like to use my beloved "empty document". Oops, you can't do that. Why? Why? Why? Will I have to give up Docs? Will I write my article with pen and paper? Will I be able to read my handwriting afterwords? And why can't I "give feedback"? That's very unlike the expected behavior from a Giant, is it?
I will let you know the answers, whenever I have them...

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